The Four Make-Up Products That I Will Be Taking Into Spring

منتديات الاسهم السعودية 2012

Recommended Reading Spring is almost here so I have been going through my makeup stocks to see which products I can use in the warmer months. I have found some old faithfuls to bring back out and also discovered two new (well new to me) products!

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تداول اسهم معادن The first product that I have started using again is the Estee Lauder Double Wear Light. I use the normal Double Wear in the winter for its amazing coverage but moving into spring it is far too heavy. The light version has been a favourite of mine for a few years now. It provides me with just enough coverage for any redness or minor blemishes to be concealed but doesn’t feel heavy to wear.  Also I like that after a long day when it does wear off it does so quite evenly.

كيف يمكنني العمل من المنزل وكسب المال

كيف يمكن ربح المال مع اليوتيوب

اريد الاستثمار ÙÙŠ سبايك الذهب The second product that I will be bringing back for spring is the Benefit ‘Gimme Brow’. I use this regularly but think it will become  a staple in my spring makeup routine as it holds my brows in place and gives them a bit of colour. I enjoy using this after I have filled in my brows with an eyeshadow but I also find this is great to use by itself, to groom my brows, on days when I can’t be bothered to fill them in. I use the Light shade.

التداول بالذهب

قصص نجاح الخيار الروبوت الثنائية A new product that I am sure will see me through spring is the Dior Show Mascara in Black. I don’t usually reach for high end mascaras but when I got a John Lewis voucher I thought I would give this a go. It certainly didn’t disappoint! This mascara gives me plenty of length and a bit of volume to my lashes. I have been putting on about two coats on a normal day but if I am going out I can build this up nicely without it going clumpy.

مقارنة بين سماسرة خيار ثنائي To finish off the list is another new product discovery which is the Rosie for Autograph Lip Glossy in Super Model Smile. This is so quick and easy to apply which is perfect for days when I am in a rush getting ready for work.  I am not usually a fan of any gloss as I always feel like my lips are sticky but this feels lovely on the lips-almost like a tinted balm. It has a slight rosy pink coloured tint and gives a nice shine to the lips. سوق الاسهم في دبي What makeup will you be reaching for in the spring months?

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