Pureology: My Favourite Shampoo and Conditioner For Coloured Hair

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Learn More As I get my hair coloured regularly I always try to use a good shampoo and conditioner to look after my hair in-between hairdresser appointments. I usually go for Pureology but for some reason when it ran out a couple of months ago I decided to try some drug store brands. These were okay for the first few washes but afterwards I began to find that my hair was becoming quite dry and not feeling as clean.

I have since gone back to Pureology as I think it is worth the money. Pureology is a brand made especially for coloured hair and is designed to help keep your colour vibrant. Also for people that are concerned about what is in their products this brand is 100% vegan!

The reason I initially started using Pureology was because their shampoos are sulphate free and I had read that these are more gentle on coloured hair. I had heard that sulphate free shampoos do not lather but this shampoo lathers up really well! My hair appears to be in a better condition when I regularly use this shampoo and conditioner together. I am currently using the ‘Hydrate’ range and it has helped keep some moisture in my hair which is great because it is prone to dry ends as my hair is both fine and coloured. The conditioner also helps to avoid getting split ends meaning that my hair stays in pretty good condition between cuts. A little conditioner goes a long way and so I just put a small amount on the ends of my hair and it does the job!

I would highly recommend the Pureology brand to those that colour their hair on a regular basis. The brand does a broad range of products including some for bleached hair, damaged hair, curly hair etc.

Have you tried any Pureology products?

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Becca x

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