My Winter Pamper Routine

خدمة autotrading الخيارات الثنائية Since starting my new job, I have been trying to make the most of my free evenings. Every so often I like to make an effort to indulge and put aside some time for myself. I find taking an hour or so out of the evening to give myself a pamper really helps me to relax and allows me to clear my head, ready for the next day. This post is about the current routine I have been carrying out.

تسعير الخيارات الثنائية التي تستخدم فيها أرقام غامض Before starting my routine I always take off my makeup. I usually do this using my Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish and a muslin cloth as it’s quick and easy!

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موقع تداول الاسهم الامريكيه بالعربي Once I have cleansed my face I go onto the first step of my routine-the Rodial Super Acids x-treme acid rush peel. This is the first peel I have ever used (it was a discovery from my M & S beauty advent calendar) and at first the concept scared me but after trying it a couple of times I have grown to love it. It doesn’t tingle or sting like I had imagined it would. The peel comes out as a clear liquid which smells quite fresh. I simply apply this to my face and neck and leave it to work for about 10 minutes. Afterwards I use a clean muslin cloth and lukewarm water to wash it off. I am left with skin that feels very clean and soft. It might just be me but I find it helps to get rid of dry patches of skin that I sometimes get in the colder weather.

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٠روع بنك الاهلي التى تباع ٠يها الاسهم بالدمام وؠAfter the peel I move onto another skin care item-a face mask. I like to use different ones every week or so depending on how my skin feels. I find coconut based masks are particularly good for this time of year when my skin gets dry. The Creme Shop Coconut Oil Infused Mask, above, is my current favourite as it really soothes my skin. Also it is less messy than other masks as the coconut oil is infused in the paper you put on your face. I usually keep the mask on for about 10 minutes and then remove it. If I have used The Creme Shop mask then I do not wash my face after as I allow the remaining coconut oil on my face to be absorbed into my skin.

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طريقة سريعة لكسب المال على الانترنت Of course a pamper routine wouldn’t be complete without having some sort of bath. Like any beauty fan I love a good bath bomb but recently I have been enjoying these bath infusion t-bags by Bubble T Cosmetics. They don’t make the bath bubbly but give the water in my bath a nice light fragrance and make the water soft. All you have to do is put 1-2 t-bags under warm running water. These particular ones are hibiscus and acai berry tea flavoured. On the packaging it says that they contain an anti-oxidant helping to provide nourishment to all skin types. As a tea lover I think these are great. I really like the scent of these and find them very calming. Once I have used these up I wouldn’t mind trying the mint version!

get link fullsizeoutput_4 The last part of my pamper evening is always a hot drink. Sometimes I will have a cup of tea (usually green or mint) or a cup of hot chocolate if I am feeling particularly indulgent. At the moment my favourite hot chocolate is this Whittard 70% Cocoa flavour. I usually mix it with almond milk and add about  three teaspoons of powder. I like this as it tastes more like dark chocolate and it is quite bitter which means I do not usually drink too much! Once my pamper routine is complete I usually put some comfy PJs on and head to bed to watch some TV. This is usually a series that I am watching or I default to my trusty Friends box set! I hope this gives people some ideas of what they could incorporate into their pamper evenings.

source link If anyone has any recommendations for any new products I could try, please comment below. Thanks for reading, Becca x


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