Making My Health and Fitness A Top Priority

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حساب الخيارات الثنائية At university I had an “on and off’ relationship with the gym. Sometimes I went two or three times a week, other weeks not at all. Usually I made the excuse that “I didn’t have the time” or in all honesty because I couldn’t be bothered. During my first year of university I ate badly, as I’m sure most students do. I spent as little money on food as I could and often ate things that had been pre-prepared. Obviously this meant that combined with the minimal exercise and my irregular sleeping pattern I was frequently getting ill. I managed to improve slightly in my second year as we moved into our own house and had sole use of the kitchen. I began sleeping soundly, going to the gym more and started cooking better food. By my third year I was enjoying trying out new recipes, buying more fresh fruit and veg and occasionally cooking some healthier meals with my friends. The obvious difference this made was that I don’t recall being ill at all in my final year.

متي ابيع الذهب ومتي اشتري After graduating I got a summer job and this is when I began to let things slip. I quit the gym as I had a busy summer job (working 50 hours a week!) and wanted to make sure I had cancelled my membership before moving home. It’s safe to say I overindulged with food through the summer and I could tell this had impacted on my health by the end of the August. I didn’t put on massive amounts of weight or anything too serious but I was feeling sluggish and tired. Also I felt uncomfortable, as I think not looking after myself was visible in the condition of my hair, skin and nails etc. This is why since moving home I have made my health and fitness a new priority. Whilst I would like to tone up and feel a bit better about myself, it is not purely for my appearance that I am doing this. After seeing how some of my family are facing health problems, as they get older, I want to do everything I can to look after my health in the long term. I want to look after my body so I can hopefully still be active and do the things I want to, as I get older. Therefore I have decided to set myself some goals and I hope they will eventually become the norm for me.

get link My goals are:

  1. تجارة بالذهب Stay hydrated: I need to try and drink at least 2 litres of water everyday.
  2. مؤشرات الاسهم ام القرى Exercise at least three times a week: I would like to exercise regularly whether this be at the gym (or doing a workout class) or a home workout if I haven’t got the time to get to the sports centre.
  3. source site Go swimming: either by swimming in a public session at the sports centre or trying an aqua aerobics class which is included in my gym membership.
  4. Plan and cook my meals from scratch as much as possible:  I have already started this but would like to continue to plan some meals each week. I would like to cook as healthily as possible so I know what is going in my food. Also I want to keep eating out in restaurants to a minimum so that when I do go out for a meal I can have whatever I fancy.
  5. Switch off and relax: I would like to stop using my phone, any technology or screen for at least half an hour each day before I go to sleep and instead read a book or find another way to relax to improve the quality of my sleep. I am always more productive the next day if I have slept well.

enter I hope by sharing these goals on my blog that it will help me to keep myself on track and accountable for my actions. Maybe I should print them off and pin them up somewhere at home as a visual reminder. I will write a post in a month or so to update you on my progress!

الاسهم الاردنيه والشراء من النت Thanks for reading,

الخيارات الثنائية الاستراتيجية الأساسية Becca x


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