Learning To Appreciate What’s On My Doorstep

Before I went to university I was getting really bored of living in my home town. I had seen everything there was to see and couldn’t wait to explore somewhere new.  Fast forward three and a half years and I am now back living in my home town.  It has taken me a while to settle back home but finally I am comfortable. The good thing about where I live is that I can be in London within 30 minutes or in the countryside within a five minute drive. I live in a busy commuter town which has good links to London, Oxford and Birmingham which is great as I love travelling and exploring new places. However as I am saving up to buy a property somewhere in my local area I have decided I also need to make an effort to appreciate what is already on my doorstep!

Yesterday my mum and I decided to make the most of our National Trust memberships and go for a walk around one of the local properties. We went to Hughenden Manor, which was home to Benjamin Disraeli, England’s first Jewish Prime Minister.

I have been to Hughenden before when I was a child but haven’t visited in recent years so it was lovely to have a wander around the grounds, especially at this time of year with all the different coloured flowers opening up. I particularly liked the walled garden with all of the blossoms and other plants climbing up them.

We went into the manor and walked through the various different rooms including the library, drawing room and boudior. A new addition to the property since I last went is the Operation Hillside exhibition which revealed that Hughenden Manor was the location of a secret map-making base during World War II. It was really interesting to see photos of my local area from so many years ago and find out about familiar locations that were part of the operation during the war (even the village I live in).

It was such a nice trip out on Easter Sunday and made quite a change being able to get home in less than ten minutes! It has made me appreciate that I have been taking my local area somewhat for granted as there are some worthwhile places nearby me to explore. There are a few more local National Trust properties that I want to revisit over the spring/ summer months especially as the gardens are always so pretty and also their tea rooms always have the best cakes!

What have you been up to over the Easter weekend? Have you got any local places you love to visit?

Becca x

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