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I have been toying with the idea of starting a blog for a long time but never quite had the confidence to do so – until now. The past year has been a challenge as I juggled some unfortunate events in my personal life whilst trying to complete my degree so I never felt the time was quite right. Now that I have graduated and completed my degree I have a little bit of free time on my hands which I would like to commit to writing a blog. After having an amazing Summer working as a blogger, for a company in Oxford, my confidence has grown and my love of photography has been rekindled. I hope that this blog will therefore serve as a creative outlet and a space to share my thoughts. I am sure that I will also learn a lot along the way.

Originally the blog name came from wanting a name along the lines of On The Flip Side and always trying to look at the positive in every situation. However after much thought on The Slip Side seemed more appropriate focusing on making sure my thoughts do not slip away and documenting things that are meaningful to me. In addition to this slipping over is something I do frequently but am more aware of having recently been diagnosed with Dyspraxia at university. Something which I hope to discuss in future blog posts.

Speaking of posts this blog will feature a bit of everything in my life from my attempts to improve my health and wellbeing (both mentally and physically), to understanding more about Dyspraxia and other conditions as well as some random posts about things I enjoy.

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