An Afternoon in Dubrovnik- AKA Westeros

buy modafinil fast shipping It has been far too long since my last post. There is some catching up to do as I have all of the posts about my May cruise to share! My Mum and I went on a Thomson cruise called a ‘Taste of the Adriatic’. We have been on a Thomson cruise before and enjoyed it so much that we decided to travel with them again. We went on a fly cruise so flew from Gatwick to Dubrovnik, then after landing boarded a coach that took us to the port. Initially due to tiredness from our early morning flight we weren’t planning to do lots of exploring in Dubrovnik. However on the plane we read an article that explained the old city was used as the film location for Game of Thrones (for the setting of the city Westeros, King’s Landing) and as this is one of my favourite programmes we decided it was worth us making the effort to visit!

Once we had boarded the cruise ship and checked in to our rooms, we set off to find out how we could get from the port to the old city. It was very simple as the bus station was based at the port so hopped on a bus and within about 15 minutes were standing outside the walls of the old city.

Just like some of the Game of Throne’s kingdoms, Dubrovnik’s old city has its’ own defence walls , which you can climb to the top of to get fantastic views of the surrounding area.  Due to time constraints we decided instead to walk around the narrow, maze like streets of the city in search of the ‘shame steps’ location from Game of Thrones. Just outside of the city walls are some lovely cafes and restaurants where you can sit and get a drink overlooking the sea.

As we walked through one of the three entrances to the city it was almost like stepping back in time because of the striking buildings and fortified walls.

As we strolled we took in the impressive architecture of the city and found ourselves wandering in and out of the various little gift shops that were nestled amongst the winding streets. There was a mixture of souvenir shops, cute little cafes and restaurants and wine merchants.  It took us some time to find the Game of Thrones ‘shame steps’ as some of the streets looked so similar.

Finally after an hour or so we came across the steps and of course I had to get a photo where Cersei Lannister took her walk of shame. It proved quite difficult to get a decent photo as so many people were posing on the steps trying to get their selfie at the iconic location. My poor Mum doesn’t actually watch Game of Thrones and so didn’t really get what all the fuss is about!

Once we had taken my photo we continued exploring and ended up walking through some of the more residential areas of the city. Some of the streets were very steep and difficult to navigate. Many of the little streets were so quaint with the washing hanging out, the pretty gardens people had created with their pot plants and window flower boxes. I definitely had some cactus envy!

After we had finished exploring we returned to the entrance of the city to get a quick drink and take in the views. We then headed back to the ship ready to head off to our next destination. From what I saw of Dubrovnik it really is a beautiful place filled with lots of history. We only saw a small part of it but I would love to return and have more time in Croatia.

I have also decided if I return to Dubrovnik I would like to get a ferry to the island of Lokrum where there is an 11th century monastery which houses a Game of Thrones exhibition, including a mock iron throne! The island looks so picturesque and well worth a visit.

Have you ever visited Dubrovnik? Any recommendations for when I go back?

Thanks for reading,

Becca x

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